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Quickwire Splitter Junction Box

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Product DetailProduct Detail

Quickwire Splitter Junction Box

The Quickwire Splitter is for use in conjunction with a Switch & Load. It allows for connection of multiple luminaires.

Connect to the 'load' inlet of your Switch & Load to create three separate 'load' connections. If your circuit has more than three luminaires then use one inlet on your initial Splitter to connect another Splitter. Repeat as needed.

  • Rating: 16A 250V ac
  • Conductor Size: 1.0-1.5mm Twin & Earth Solid Cores
  • IP Rating: IP30

Step One - Orientate and align pre-cut cable and insert into appropriate cable entry point. Each wire should guide itself into the correct terminal. Push cable until there is resistance.

Step Two - Check there is a sufficient length of outer cable sheath availabe for clamping.(fig.1) and that an unbroken length of conductor occupies the full extent of the window (fig.2).

Step Three - Push cable until it snaps into place. Repeat process for additional cables. Push in any unused cable entries.

Product SpecificationProduct Specification