About Us

BEW Networking on the Internet

We are always striving to give our customers an even better service, that makes for better business, faster administration and even greater communication between supply and demand. We now have a website that gives you an "Open Sesame" to all your electrical requirements at the touch of a button.

The price is always right!

Our volume turnover and group purchasing power means that we always buy right from the manufacturer-which means that you always buy right from us!

Our trade counters are the envy of the industry

We realise that our trade counter and sales staff are the crucial link between the manufacturer and you. So you will find our trade counter staff extremely efficient and highly motivated. All are a product of our high standards of recruitment and continuous on-the-job staff training.

As highly successful suppliers to the hugely demanding, constantly evolving and enormously exacting electrical industry we know that our trade counter and sales staff have an important role to play in providing you with the 'BEW Total Quality Service' package

Plug into a better source of supply.....and find out why BEW are better for so many reasons.

We carry a vast range and quantity of stock at every branch throughout the network, to service your needs on a day to day basis. From the simplest cable clip to the most sophisticated structured cabling. From power plugs to power showers. From low voltage lighting to high resolution CCTV. BEW offers you the best choice and the best quality.

Our main trade catalogue is an indication of our dedication to supply what you demand. Our Lamp catalogue, Wiring Accessories catalogue and Impact Lighting catalogue re-inforce our commitment to provide you the customer with the right information for the job in hand. We are constantly evaluating and reviewing new and improved products and if they meet our stringent criteria we add them to our stock range across all our branches.

As large and comprehensive as our catalogues are they are still only an indication of the stock we hold in our warehouses. If you can't find what you are looking for ring and speak to our helpful and knowledgeable staff, discuss with them like for like products to decide what is exactly right for you.

All this and a fast delivery service

Regardless of the size of the order, our in house transport fleet, operating from all branches, offers a reliable next day delivery service (stock pending) throughout London, the Home Counties, the Midlands and East Anglia. But we can and will, deliver outside these areas. Talk to us , you will always find us ready to listen and help. After all your business is very much our business.