Customer security: get it on lock down

With Christmas just around the corner, security is top of everyone’s wish list.

Burglary is rife in the UK, but during the Christmas period, there are approximately 448 burglaries in one day. Leaving the lights on is no longer a viable option when it comes to home security, but with these products at BEW, your customers can keep their Christmas presents safe in December…

Honeywell Optima Compact GEN4
Security alarms

Burglar alarms have evolved – with sensors, controlled entry systems, audible alerts and designated apps, residential areas are becoming increasingly adept at keeping the intruders out. The benefit? Most of these alarms need to be installed by a contractor, as your expertise on best installation position is required.

  • Honeywell Optima Compact GEN4

    With a built-in speaker and keypad, and a quick set feature, this security alarm is ideal for those less tech-savvy customers. It’s fully programmable and can cover eight zones for security, plus two zones for fire, so your customer can feel confident that their whole home is safe. Is also has entry/exit timers that range from 10-990 seconds – perfect for those less mobile. Download the full brochure on GEN4 here.

  • Honeywell Accenta Mini Gen4

    With eight zones programmable for security and two for fire, plus external lighting control and enhanced fire detection, these burglar alarms create an additional layer of security for your customer. They are simple to use with an LCD remote keypad and exceptionally reliable, making them ideal for domestic properties.

Video Doorbells

Suitable for all environments and situations, video doorbells are the ideal solution for homeowners who want to keep a watch over their property. They’re also great for student accommodation, where there are several people coming and going at different times of day.  Installation is relatively easy, as many products on offer are wireless.

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 8 8VR4P6-0EU0 

    Whether your customer is at home or away during the festive period, with the Ring Video Doorbell, they can view and talk to home visitors using the ring app and a HD video. This doorbell can also stream video and audio continuously, making it an effective security camera with a motion-detection capacity – ideal for people living alone.


As you are aware, closed-circuit television has been on the market for years and traditionally involved analog video systems and wiring. But with mobile, cloud technologies and Wifi, CCTV has become more complex, which is great news for you, as they must be fitted by a trained electrical contractor.

  • ESP HDview Wire Free CCTV Kits 

    Designed for customers after a Wifi CCTV solution, these two-camera kits are a breeze to install with no cabling required between the NVR and camera. They offer a Wifi open field range of 150m and better quality live images and recorded footage. Additional cameras can also be installed via the LAN port on the NVR using the supplied network cable. All four cameras come with an internal hard drive – with 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB options – the recorded footage can then be transferred to a memory stick using a USB port.

For all your security product needs, head to your local BEW branch or visit our Security page on BEW Direct.