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Back Box Saver Pack of 10

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Product DetailProduct Detail

Save time and money by fixing your metal back box


The threads in the lugs securing the socket or switch to the back box can strip, meaning the socket cannot be firmly fitted. The current solution — replacing the back box just because of a stripped lug — is time-consuming and costly, especially if the wall is re-decorated.


Back Box Saver allows the back box still to be used, by overlaying a reinforced nut onto the stripped lug to provide a secure fixing for the screw to engage. Back Box Saver fits most lugs and repairs a stripped thread in most cases. It is designed to repair back boxes installed in the UK and Ireland.

Benefits of the Back Box Saver

The Back Box Saver saves the installer the time and trouble of replacing the back box. The householder is saved the cost and upheaval of re-decoration. Back Box Savers are low-cost, easy to install, secure, and maintain the earth connection.

The existing 3.5mm faceplate screw can re-used in most cases even if the thread has been damaged as the Back Box Saver has been designed to overcome this problem. Should you require it, a replacement screw is included.

Product SpecificationProduct Specification

Brand:Back Box Saver