Product Focus: STORM cable glands

A revolutionary new cable gland has entered the arena, offering a quicker, safer and easier method of termination so we took a closer look at the STORM® cable glands from SWA.

Making the finals of the Electrical Industry Awards 2019 for Industrial Product of the Year, this new cable gland offers improved ingress protection (IP68) and faster fitting over traditional versions.  For terminating armoured and non-armoured, SY & CY braided cables, STORM® cable glands represents a major advance.

SWA STORM glands

How it works

The main feature of the STORM cable gland is the anti-rotational design which allows the upper assembly to rotate independently of the brass armour-clamping ring, so eliminating the damaging effects of rotation on armour wire, as shown in this demonstration video.

Benefits of the STORM® glands

  • Improved ingress protection with a IP68 rating

  • No need for a plastic shroud to protect against corrosion, thanks to a non-metallic outer body, resulting in quicker installation and inspection.

  • The Polyamide material is halogen free so no toxic gases are released in the event of fire

  • Temperature rating of -20°C to 80°C

  • Suitable for wet, underground conditions, buildings and public spaces

Pack contents

Standard pack of two: Cable gland, brass lock nut and earth tag
Tauras pack of two: Tauras cable gland,  EarthingNut™ terminations and Allen Key

Sizing Specification

SWA Gland Size

Cable acceptance in mm

Assembled Length (mm)

Inner Sheath

Cable Diameter


12.0 max

10.5 - 16.0



16.0 max

15.5 - 21.0



20.5 max

20.5 - 27.5



27.5 max

27.0 - 35.0


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