Supplier Spotlight: WISKA

With the company celebrating its centenary year this year it seems like the perfect time to put Wiska in the Spotlight with its innovative range of products.

WISKA®: Who are they?

Founded in 1919 in Hamburg Germany, WISKA® is a family run business which employs 260 people worldwide with the majority still based in Germany.  Its core business is manufacturing electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV.

What’s Special about WISKA®

In order to deliver the highest quality, the company controls the entire supply chain ‘from development to delivery, everything is in one hand’.  This ensures the products are exceptionally well designed and the manufacturing quality is consistently high.  Their centenary motto is “100 years – One Team”. 

Combi 206

What Products Should I buy?

With their easily identifiable covers and robust plastic, the WISKA Combi range of junction boxes are firm favourites of the trade.

Our first recommendation must be the product that is up for ‘Residential / Domestic Product of the Year’ in the finals of the Electrical Industry Awards 2019.

Combi 206

  • At 85x49mm this is the smallest junction box in the range and is ideal for outside LED Lighting and CCTV.

  • A high protection class of IP66 or IP67 when used with the cable gland.

  • Self-sealing membranes on the rear to enable a clean assembly for cable outputs from the wall.

  • UV & Ozone resistant and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

  • The Combi 206 is very resilient; being flame retardant, halogen free, weatherproof, resistant to UV, shatter proof and impact resistant.



An excellent cable management solution, with a large variety of cable sealing inserts. Adapts large 20mm glands to various cables and it comes with three free ESKV cable glands.  The Kit consists of:

  • 5 x GFD (Split cable inserts)

  • 10 x RDE (Reduction inserts)

  • 5 x MFD (Multi-hole inserts)

  • 3 x FREE ESKV cable glands

MultiCLIXX TKS32 Grommet

This membrane cable entry with strain relief offers fast cable installations with strain relief for up to four cables at the same time.

  • Simply push into the enclosure and insert cableMultiCLIXX TKS32 Grommet

  • No tool or lock nut required

  • Fast Installation

  • Strain Relief for 4 cables at the same time

  • Space saving

  • High Protection Class IP66

How can I find out more?

Visit or visit your local BEW Branch for more information on WISKA® products.