New regulations, new products

The 18th Edition may now be in place, but are you fully stocked to meet the demand from your customers?

With new wiring regulations comes new products and innovations. So now is the time to stock up and be fully compliant. We’ve rounded up the most relevant products to make your 18th Edition shift that little bit simpler…

Overload protection:

In the new regulation 536.4.3.2, the 18th Edition states that ‘RCB and switches do not provide protection against overload, so they shall be protected by an overcurrent protective device’. There are there different overload protection methods available, but contractors are advised to use a consumer unit that is 100A rated with 100A RCCBs fitted as standard

Wylex 11 Way 100A Metal Consumer Unit

Hager 6 Way Dual RCD Metal Consumer Unit with 6 MCBs

Cable support:

Amendment three has clarified the term ‘escape routes’ from the 17th Edition. It is now clear that all wiring systems should be supported to ensure they’re not liable to premature collapse in a fire (not just above an escape route).

D-line Safe-D Clips

LINIAN Fire Clip


Be fully compliant with the new eegulations with the right products

Protection Against Electric Shock:

Socket outlets are now required to have RCD protection at 30mA or less should their rating be up to 32A. Luckily, all Kewtech testers will test the new standards perfectly adequately, so there’s no need to upgrade.

Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction Tester

Kewtech SMARTPAT Remotely Controlled PAT tester

Kewtech Check Box

Electric vehicle charging:

In section 722, it is stated that each EV charging point must be protected by its own RCD of at least type A. Some changes had also been made to make allowances for the use of a PME earthing facility and requirements for socket-outlets and connectors.

Combination units

SMART solutions

Surge protection:

Clause 443 states that protection against transient overvoltage must be provided where the consequence results in serious injury to, or loss of, human life; interruption of public services, commercial or industrial action and interruption affecting a large number of co-located individuals.

Hager SPN802 4P Pluggable 100kA class 1

Hager SPD Pluggable photovoltaic 25kA class 2

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