Halogen ban: Need to know

The halogen ban is now in full effect, but how is it impacting you?Halogen Lamps ban

As you are aware, since 1st September this year, halogen lamps have been removed from the market across Europe in the final stage of a European Union directive (EC 244/2009). But with the average home using 10 halogen lamps, are your customers ready for the LED switch?

Why the ban?

Halogen lamps are a huge waste of energy and typically fail after two years, compared to LED lamps that last for around 15-20 years on the same usage. So it’s important to remind customers that even though the upfront price of LEDs is expensive, they are more cost effective as they last longer and cut energy bills. It’s also worth noting that current halogen lamps only need to be replaced with LEDs once they expire, meaning you need to keep fully stocked for the demand.

Will Brexit change things?

Most lighting manufacturers in the UK support the halogen ban, so are unlikely to produce special lamps for the UK market alone once Brexit is enforced. Plus, it’s understood that EU rules will still apply even after Brexit.

BEW tip

In almost all cases, LED lamps will retro fit into existing light fittings.  It gets a bit tricky for low voltage recessed downlights as they use transformers, so be careful to install the right LED lamp, otherwise they  may flicker.

Best BEW products

We’re only three months into the halogen ban and these products are already flying off our shelves:

Philips Classic Filament LED Lamp Warm White B22 and Philips Classic LED Lamp Warm White E27

These may look like the old incandescent lamps, but these classic filament LED lamps have the added benefit of long-lasting LED technology. With their traditional shape and decorative warm-white light, they’re ideal for feature light fittings, while also saving 90% on energy costs.

Bell 05181 7W LED Dimmable GLS Pearl Lamp

This 7W LED lamp is the equivalent to 40W and has a shelf life of 30000 hours. It’s also dimmable, which makes it great for those difficult fitted halogen lights.

Enlite ICE 240V 5W GU10 Dimmable LED Lamp

Enlite’s ThermoTex technology utilises a combination of highly efficient LED light source, aluminium heat sinking and thermoplastic material for a longer life and consistent performance. With a wide 60° beam angle, these lamps are made for kitchen or bathroom spotlights.

Philips Lighting Master LED Spot MV Dimmable Cool White GU10 and Philips Master LED Spot MV Dimmable Warm White GU10

As ideal replacements for existing GU10 halogen lamps, these Philips lamps are available in 5-50W and a beam angle of 36°. They are a perfect fit for spot lighting and for delivering a warm halogen-like light. They also deliver significant energy savings and minimise maintenance cost. Plus, with its dimmable function, the LED Spot MV Dimmable Cool White can create a desired atmosphere for customers. 


These flicker-free and silent plate-mounted dimmers are easy to install and feature Zano’s smart settings for perfect performance at low levels. The perfect solution to flickering LED lamps.

Astro Lighting Constant Current LED Driver

LED drivers regulate the power that a LED lamp is exposed to, so this 700mA constant current LED driver is the perfect solution for all new dimmable halogen replacements, particularly with 1-10V dimmers.

For more LED products, please visit your local BEW branch where we can advise you on the best products for the job.