Supplier spotlight: Zano Controls

When it comes to flicker free and silent dimming, Zano are the experts. We look at some of the best products in branch at the moment.

Zano Controls
Zano: Who are they?

Zano Controls are ahead of the curve when it comes to LED dimming. With a passion for LED dimming and lighting control, the award-winning manufacturer continuously addresses the most pressing problems encountered with LED dimming, and have the most innovative and original solution to LED lighting control. Revolutionising the LED dimming market, their first digital dimmer, ZGRIDLED, replaced old-fashioned Triac dimming with digital technology, made solely with LED in mind.

What’s special about Zano?

Flicker-free and silent LED dimming is Zano’s priority - they design with both the installer and end user in mind. With specialist in-house digital technology, their experienced engineers provide the most effective LED dimming products today. They’re easy to install, feature Smart Settings and generally allow contractors to install LED dimming that they can be confident will work and won’t require call backs. Their dimmers can also dim from 0 watts, and Zano are the first manufacturer to bring an easy fit 3-point dimming solution to the market.

What products should I buy?

Our favourites from their range include:


This remote dimming pack is available in 0-300W or 0-1000W and supports the largest load of any off-the-shelf LED dimmer. It also works with LED strip tape and panels and is great for multi-point dimming (you can install up to 32 dimmers with one ZBAR), making it ideal for commercial settings, such as restaurants, showrooms or conference suites. The ZBAR is perfect for problematic LED installations with large loads, including:

  • Mixed loads (LED and tungsten on one circuit, like LED downlights with a tungsten chandelier for instance)
  • Heavy loads – installations that are over 250W (which is more commonly available)
  • Installations where inrush is causing problems, frequently found when pairing a smaller dimmer with LED strip tape and panels (inrush is an LED driver’s ‘power up’ – and it can be 4 times the wattage listed on an LEDs label)

The Everyday Range

Bringing digital dimming to most domestic and lightweight commercial projects, The Everyday Range is flicker-free and silent whatever the job. Perfect for any 0-150W LED installation, these dimmers are available as grid, module and plated versions and have no 10-lamp limit. As a versatile, compatible and reliable solution to all LED dimming, The Everyday Range outperforms all other brands in Zano’s strict testing. The pack includes:

  • ZMO150: module dimmer, 0-150W LED
  • ZGRID150: grid dimmer, 9 grid adapters, 0-150W LED
  • ZSP151: plate mounted, slimline white plastic, 0-150W LED – comes as a two gang version, the ZSP152


Before Zano, three-way dimming on an LED circuit was near impossible, but the ZSMARTLED has made it simple. With one master and two slaves on any 5-120W LED circuit, your customer can have full control of their LED lighting from up to three control points. The ZSMARTLED is ideal for domestic properties (such as within a bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe) as well as large living areas. It’s also as simple to install as a standard dimmer. Kits are available in:

  • Master +1 Slave
  • Master +2 Slaves
  • Grid, plated or module versions

How can I find out more?

Visit or visit a BEW branch to discuss which Zano product is ideal for your project.