NICEIC: prepare for the 18th Edition

In the lead up the 18th Edition, we find out exactly how NICEIC is preparing its members… NICEIC preparing its members for the 18th Edition January 2019

Do you know the benefits of NICEIC for your business, or are you a member already? We put Paul Collins from NICEIC under the BEW spotlight to find out more.

What is NICEIC?

NICEIC is the UK’s leading voluntary regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry and maintains a roll of over 28,000 contractors. We have been operating for more than 60 years and are the most recognised and trusted name in the electrical industry.

What are the benefits of joining?

Electricians who choose NICEIC do so because they want their business to stand out. They are assessed on a regular basis to ensure high standards. NICEIC registered electricians also carry out around 80% of all electrical work in the UK, so being registered with NICEIC means you win more work. All our registrants get a free listing on our website, plus NICEIC logos for vehicles, stationery and workwear. Other benefits include technical support, and a range of training courses designed to develop skills and build a business.

How has the NICEIC been preparing electricians for the 18th Edition?

NICEIC has been at the forefront of helping electricians get ready for the launch of the 18th edition. In July, when the regulations were first introduced, we launched our Live Cinema event. This was a world first in the electrical industry and saw more than 6,000 electricians across the UK visit their local cinema to watch a seminar discussing the new regs.

In addition, we’re also travelling around the UK presenting our Techtalks, which enables us to chat with contractors face to face. Meanwhile, our training team are busy preparing and delivering courses at a variety of centres.

To date, more than 3,000 people have signed up to undertake our 18th Edition training courses and we expect that number to rise when the regulations come into place.

Have your registrants come to you with any specific 18th Edition queries?

Nothing too specific – we’ve had more general enquiries about what training they might need and by what deadline. At NICEIC we have worked in partnership with training provider JTL to develop two different courses. The full course takes three days and is designed for contractors who feel they need a working knowledge of the latest edition of the Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018 qualification. The update course is a one-day option for those who have recently completed their 17th edition Amendment 3: 2015 qualification.

Both courses can be taken online or in the classroom and there has been a real split in the way contractors are choosing to access training.

What changes will have the biggest impact on electricians?

At all of our events we have Q&A sessions in which contractors can ask our experts any questions they might have. One of the biggest discussion points at each event has been about the installation of Surge Protection Devices (SPDs).

The 18th Edition includes a requirement for the installation of SPDs to protect against transient overvoltages in situations where there may be serious consequences. These are listed as loss of life or serious injury, interruption to public services, interruption of commercial activity, damage to cultural heritage, or impact on sites with large numbers of people. For all other locations a risk assessment should be carried out to determine whether they should be installed.

For single dwelling units (domestic properties) SPDs do not need to be installed unless the value of the property and equipment justifies their use (Regulation 443.4).

For more information on NICEIC, head to their website or ask in branch at your local BEW for the guidelines.