Supplier Spotlight: SPIT

For maximum productivity, greatest user benefits and highest quality tools and fixings, it’s not hard to see why SPIT is this month’s supplier spotlight.

SPIT: Who are they?

SPIT is a brand of the worldwide manufacturing company, Illinois Tool Works, and develops its innovations specifically for individual trades, focusing on what’s important to you.

Specialising in gas-powered direct fastening systems for fixing into concrete, masonry and steel, SPIT Pulsa tools and fixings are designed for speed and productivity of labour. They are ideal for eliminating drilling with all the negative elements that come with it. This means you can work faster and smarter, while also making your environment safer and more productive. 

What products should I buy?

The Pulsa 800E allows you to fix eight to 12 times faster than traditional methods, saving precious labour time and money. Fixing into concrete, masonry and steel, either overhead, into walls or to the floor, the Pulsa will revolutionise any cable management application. 

The fixing range includes:Supplier Spotlight: SPIT

  • Clip-Elec plastic cable tie base
  • Steel P - clips for pipes, cable or conduit
  • Cable bows: single and double sizing and incandescent
  • Threaded rod hanger M6/M8 for lightweight tray and basket applications
  • Prysmian fire fix clips, specific for fire performance cables
  • Three specifically designed types of performance nails to fix all the above and more in one fluid, no hassle operation.

What’s special about SPIT?

Put simply, their Pulsa 800E.  With issues such as hand arm vibration and too much dust in the construction environment, their sought-after cable management solutions are designed with the electrical trade in mind. With this innovative range, you can revolutionise your next drilling job by:

  • Massively reducing hand arm vibration – with no drilling, you can work all day and not get anywhere near the legal HAV limit.
  • Eliminating dust – eliminating construction dust is a hot top in the industry at the moment; no drilling equals no dust.
  • Minimising the time working at height or requirement of access platforms via the E-lift accessory (you can fix overhead easily up to 2M in height).

How can I find out more?

Visit your local BEW store, or click through to the official page here - save time and money on drilling and fixings.