NAPIT takes home the Gold

The industry’s leading accreditation service, NAPIT, has received a Gold Award from Investors In Customers, thanks largely to excellent feedback from NAPIT members over the last year.
Described by IIC as an achievement of ‘world-class best practice’, the Gold Award secures NAPIT a top spot on the IIC’s list of companies with the highest standards of customer service and business development.
Mike Andrews, NAPIT Group Chief Executive, commented, “I am delighted with this year’s result. We believe that the quality of our customer experience is one of the largest factors when determining profitability and long-term success. We have an ongoing commitment to measurement, feedback, and improvement, as the insights gathered will help us address the weak spots and enhance our strengths, year on year.”
The IIC award is presented to businesses based on an independent assessment designed to establish the strength of a business’s relationship with its customers. 
Registered NAPIT members, training customers, and staff were all asked a wide range of questions regarding their perceptions of NAPIT to provide a detailed picture of their overall experience. 
Independent IIC Assessors, CXCO Ltd, Chief Executive Charlie Williams commented, "NAPIT have been undertaking the annual IIC assessment since 2014 and have seen steady progress as they use the feedback they receive from their Members and Staff to improve the services they provide. This year has seen them achieve the highest IIC rating (Gold) for the first time, which is a testimony to how they have consistently listened and responded to their Members over the years.”
Now in its 25th year, NAPIT has registered over 10,000 members in electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation, microgeneration and building fabric trades across the UK domestic, commercial and industrial markets and offer a wide range of discounted and free support services, including training, certification, and promotion across a wide range of multi-platform media.
BEW work closely with NAPIT to deliver the best possible service to our customers in the trades. To find out more about NAPIT and their relationship with BEW, read our interview with Roger Alger, NAPIT’s field sales executive. 
To learn more about NAPIT membership and how it can benefit your business, visit or call on 0345 543 0330.