Easy Does It: Best of 2017 Awards

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the year already? We round up our favourite products from the Easy Does it Archives of 2017, from lighting to Lot 20…

Best for….saving time

Strip SWA cable in seconds: ArmourSplice SWA Cable Stripper 

Arguably the fastest way to strip SWA cable, this little gadget is 50% faster than using a hacksaw. It’s precise, easy to use and won’t take up a huge amount of space in your tool bag. Just secure the SWA cable in the automatic clamp: it applies constant pressure for a clean break and trouble-free gland connection. Suitable for 12mm to 36mm cables.

Best for… compliance

Comply with Lot 20: Far Infrared Ceiling Panels from Herschel

Herschel’s 60 x 60 (or 60 x 120) heating panels fit discreetly into commercial ceiling grids and are easy to install. But the best thing about them is that their ground-breaking far infrared technology is the most efficient way to heat a room, be it at home or in the workplace. Perfect for LOT 20 compliant installations. 

Best for… heating control

Nest Learning Thermostat 

Nest’s 3rd generation thermostat learns household habits and thermal properties, to perfectly adapt heating requirements to any home. Once installed, it takes just a week for the thermostat to build a schedule, keeping track of activity times and temperature preferences. It’s easy to install, affordable and a great way to deliver smart home technology without breaking the bank. 

Best for…lighting

Bell Eco 8W LED downlight with selectable colour temperature 

With three colour temperatures in one, this Bell light means that you can have a range of three colour temperature lamps in your van, at only a third of the storage space. Select between 3000K, 4000K or 6000K before installation to give your customers the finish they want – and if they change their mind once the lamps are installed, simply reset rather than replacing the lamps. Also includes Satin & White Magnetic Bezels.

Best for…cabling 

Route cables without a snag: Cable Scout+ Cable Pulling Lubricant

This cable pulling lubricant is designed to assist in pulling cables through conduit or ducting by helping to reduce friction.  This clear water-based lubricant does not stain and reduces frictional resistance by up to 80%. 
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