Case study: Installing Lutron Vive

We joined Will Stallion, WJS Electrical, on site at BEW Wandsworth as he installed Lutron’s new IoT lighting control system, Vive. Here’s what he had to say about the new product.

The Project

A new lighting control system for the BEW Wandsworth offices.

The contractor

Will Stallion, WJS Electrical.

The product

Lutron Vive, Lutron’s “revolutionary” new modular wireless lighting control system. “It was the obvious option for ease of installation and compatibility with the existing wiring and accessories,” explains Will. 

What does it do?

Vive allows installers to combine a range of sensors, controllers and switches to existing LED lighting systems. The system then connects – via a wireless hub – to Vive Vue, a handy, single view app available for smart phones and tablets. 
“The key benefit of this system,” says Will, “is the ability to operate existing lighting from wireless switch positions, on both wall mounted switches and ceiling mounted PIR motion sensors. Rooms and lights can then be controlled via smart phone, using the Vive app.”    

How does it work?

Wireless interference is always a concern when installing any IoT homeware. Vive connects everything using Clear Connect wireless technology, which operates in an uncongested radio frequency band. This also means that other IoT devices won’t interfere with the installation, for smooth, flicker free control.


The project got off to a good start. “The system itself was very easy to install,” says Will. “The instructions were clear and the app was very-self-explanatory. Most of the products installed with the system are surface mounted, which made things even easier.” 
The only problem Will and his team encountered was the rewiring of certain rooms and lights to conform to the new switching layout. “There were five existing switched circuits, but we had to install seven switching zones,” he explains. “It only a cost a few extra hours of labour and some cabling to create the new circuits required, so the problem was easily fixed.”

Key benefits of installing Lutron Vive

Vive offers a versatile way to help commercial clients save energy. “The motion sensors and app are a good way to saving energy,” explains Will. “The app allows clients to see what they are using, and motion sensors will turn off the lights automatically in rooms that are not being used. You can also set an ‘all off’ time setting to avoid lights being left on overnight or at the weekend.” 
What’s more, from an electrician’s perspective installing Vive can cut down labour and material costs, thanks to Vive’s simple wireless connectivity and easy installation. “On a new installation, this feature could help contractors to avoid the additional labour and materials needed to run cabling and accessories to control the lights: it all connects from a central hub instead.”

The Verdict

The product delivered what it promised: a compatible control system that improves efficiency and is easy to install. “I would recommend Lutron Vive for similar commercial lighting projects,” says Will. “It really is ideal for offices and workspaces to control their lighting consumption and improve energy efficiency. It’s also very simple to install and adapts to an existing lighting system.”

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