For all your concrete and steel construction needs.

The SPIT Brand is well known on the commercial construction market, specialising in concrete/steel fastening systems. It offers innovative fastening solutions for all construction trades : Masons, Electricians, Drywall hangers, Steelworkers, Plumbers/Heating technicians, etc.

SPIT specialises in drill-free direct fastening systems, and heavy duty mechanical and chemical fixing solutions.

Some of our Spit products

SPIT E-Lift Pole Tool for Pulsa 800E
£344.10 inc
£286.75 ex
SPIT Steel P Clip 16mm
£20.58 inc
£17.15 ex
SPIT Single Cable Bow Fixing. 50 Pack.
£27.72 inc
£23.10 ex
SPIT Steel P Clip 8mm
£37.56 inc
£31.30 ex
SPIT Steel P Clip 10mm
£39.42 inc
£32.85 ex
SPIT Pulsa 800E Gas Nailer
£405.60 inc
£338.00 ex
SPIT Flat Magnetic Pin Guide for P800
£190.50 inc
£158.75 ex
SPIT Double Cable Bow Fixing. 25 Pack.
£18.42 inc
£15.35 ex
SPIT Cable Tie Fixing Clip. Pack of 100
£11.10 inc
£9.25 ex
SPIT Threaded Rod Hanger Clip (TRH) M6/8
£43.02 inc
£35.85 ex